About the Archive

Anahita Gallery, Inc. represents the largest private archive of vintage 19th century and early twentieth century Russian and Central Asian photography in the United States. The Anahita Gallery Archive collections include photographs from Central Asia by Divanov, Dudin, Hordet, Pankratiev, and other artists. The Archive also includes hundreds of early Soviet art photographs, primarily from Central Asia. The Archive has a strong focus on Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan; it also includes many photographs from the Mideast and Tibetan and Siberian regions.

The Archive collections, consisting of well over 2000 images, have been widely used as a resource for scholars, publications, and museum exhibition didactic and catalogs.
Images from the Archive are available for single print publication a fee basis.
The original 19th century photographs in the 19th Century Collection are not available for individual sale.
Soviet period and contemporary photographs from around the world are available for individual sale.
We welcome inquiries regarding purchase of individual items and full Collections within the Archive.

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