Igor Moukhin

b. 1961, lives Moscow.
Igor Mukhin is considered one of the most important photographers of his generation. Although younger than other well-known Russian photographic artists such as Alexander Slyusarev and Boris Mikhailov, he is associated with them through his membership in the “Immediate Group” (1989-1991). His career spans the Brezhnev period when independent photographers worked “underground” to today’s international Moscow art scene. Unlike many contemporary Russian photographers, his work as popular at home as it is abroad, and both historically meaningful and with a current hard edge.
 Moukhin is a master street photographer. He has documented the rapid changes in Soviet and post Soviet society through a personal rather than a journalistic approach.  He has a special interest in youth culture and much of his best work is of young people, often living on the margins of society.  His well-known series of the decomposing monuments of the Soviet period are visual essays on the relationship of art and history in Soviet society.
His work has been extensively published and exhibited. He lives in Moscow with his wife, Tatiana (Tanya) Lieberman, also a well known photographer.

Exhibitions & Publications