Boris Savelev

Born Chernotsy, Ukraine, USSR December 1948. Lives in Moscow, Russia.
Savelev is one of the most talented photographers to come out of the “Seventies” underground photography movement. During the Brezhnev “period of stagnation,” Savelev’s photographs formed a sly critique on the false humanism of the Soviet official photography of the day.  Savelev was a master at capturing the feelings of listlessness and boredom of the time. HIs 70s and 80s work did not “affirm the socialist values” of Soviet photography and were generally banned from publication and exhibitions.

Savelev's best work aligns cool formalism with expressive emotional content in a rich mix he describes as polyphonic. He has been married to Elena Darikovich since 1980; his wife is also a talented photographer, though a working as a painter today.
Savelev is best known in the west for his color-work but his black and white photography is equally strong. He is a master printer who experiments in many printing techniques.
Savelev works in many media - lith prints, silver gelatin prints, pigment inkjet, platinum, and various color processes including gum bichromate. Most of his early color work was done using 35mm slide film, later printed as C-prints.

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